About Lindsay

Hi, I’m Lindsay Brant. I'm an author, a storyteller, a motivator and a proud mama of two boys.
I write self-improvement books, poetry, and children’s books. I believe that words have power.
Storytelling can shape not only our own lives and perspectives of the world, but has the potential to allow us to rewrite our collective cultural stories. It allows us to break down the barriers that stereotypes create, and conquer the fear that we aren’t good enough.
Through poetry and storytelling, I’ve embarked on a lifelong journey toward self-acceptance, peace, and authentic living. I’ve come to realize that worthiness has an “I” in it for a reason, and that fear no longer has permission to control my life.
I believe that self-confidence and self-acceptance begin first with self-love. I also believe that we cannot fight injustice with injustice, but that we must always approach the world from a place of worthiness, gratitude and kindness.
I also have come to the realization that in order to dream big we must be prepared to live an expansive life. We all deserve happiness, and we all deserve to feel that we are worthy of success.
It is my hope that through my poetry, my self-improvement books, and my children’s books, the personal truths that I tell will help to inspire others to find their truths and share them with the world.

I wish you peace and happiness as you embark on your own journey.
Warmest regards,
Lindsay Brant
Lindsay Brant Author